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After 10 years of experience in prestigious Burgundy wine houses, Arnaud Boué had the opportunity to create his own winemaking structure in 2018 by taking over the trading house previously founded by a friend thanks to crowdfunding. Thus was born the Maison Arnaud Boué.

Located in the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits, in Villers la Faye, in 12th century buildings, the Arnaud Boué house strives to select the best of Burgundy.


Today the winery has all the modern equipment for ideal vinification for the expression of the terroirs.

We also welcome you to our tasting cellar, preferably by appointment.


Originally from Saône et Loire, where his parents cultivate a few vines for their pleasure, Arnaud holds a diploma in oenology and agricultural engineering.


After his training, he travels to Bordeaux, South Africa and New Zealand to observe what is best done outside of Burgundy. Back in Burgundy, he worked and forged his experience within prestigious estates and trading houses.


From this course, he draws an open mind on wine, an idea that viticulture, even in Burgundy, land of multi-centenarian vines, cannot be fixed. The land is fragile, the Burgundy terroirs are beautiful, but everything should be done to protect them and thus be able to magnify them for a long time to come.

Rugbyman and warm, he considers that the wine is especially pleasant when it is shared.

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