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In accordance with the Digital Economy Act (LEN), Law No. 2004-275 for confidence in the Digital Economy, the contact details of the publisher and responsible for the publication of this website are:

Publication manager:

Arnaud Boue

6 rue du Château, 21700 Villers la faye

06 77 99 45 26


Implementation :

Romain Desvignes

Arnaud Boue

Based on WIX platform


Hosting of the website:


Photo credit:

Arnaud Boue

Interprofessional Bureau of Burgundy Wines

Legal contact details:

SAS Arnaud Boué

6 rue du Château 21700 VILLERS LA FAYE

SAS with share capital of €93,500

Registered with RCS Dijon 82075459600014

VAT FR86820754596

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