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Arnaud Boué has the idea of making the house work like a domain. Through his experience as technical manager of farms, he brings new ideas, reinforces the winegrower partners in their cultural choices respectful of nature and leads them towards new stages (organic certification, biodynamics, etc.).

Sensitive to the fragility of the ecosystem "  vine  ", he decided to pursue the orientation "  organic  and biodynamics of the house. An agronomist by training, he directs his partners towards natural practices that respect nature and the land (thoughtful work on the soil, biodynamic amendments, work with the lunar cycles, etc.).

Once the grapes have been produced in good conditions, the same philosophy is applied in the winery. The vinification methods are respectful of the fruit, the whole harvest is preferred when the vintage and the grapes allow it, and each cuvée is worked to extract the best (and not the maximum). The expression of terroir and vintage is always preferred to the application of stereotyped and automatic methods.

Throughout its life in the cellar, the wine is worked according to biodynamic cycles to promote delicate aging and the expression of this living product. The woodiness of the cuvées is controlled so as not to  make up  » the wines and thus spoil the work of a whole year. At the end of the aging process, the wines are put back in mass so that the cuvées regain their homogeneity, and wait a more or less long time before bottling.

Particular attention is paid to the dressing of our bottles and their packaging, so that opening one of our boxes or offering one of our bottles is always a pleasure.

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