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Because Bourgogne is not necessarily only Pinot Noir, we have selected this plot of Gamay which, on a typically Burgundian terroir, expresses its delicacy in a totally different way from Beaujolais. It's a Gamay "that pinotes", but so greedy!

The plot is an old vine, conducted in low vines. The soil is clay-limestone, with a typology of Hautes-côtes: little soil and a bench of hard Jurassic limestone in the basement. The soil is worked to avoid competition from grass.

Raised without new wood, this cuvée is fresh, full of red fruits. This delicacy is found in the mouth, with a juicy, crunchy perception, with a nice acidity reminiscent of raspberry and strawberry. The length is medium, but with a beautiful aromatic persistence of the fruit on the finish. Thirsty!

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 0 to 3-4 years

Food and wine pairing: Various charcuterie, pâté en croute, parsley ham, aperitif with friends.


The iconoclastic cuvée was born from an idea far from Burgundian  : assembly.

In our region, a past master in the promotion of terroirs and parcel vinification, this practice is not widespread in small structures.

And yet… What if the blending of different terroirs could produce a great wine?  ? Each bringing for one minerality and tannic structure, for the other roundness and depth.

The red Iconoclast cuvée, AOC Coteaux Bourguignons, is a blend of 2 grape varieties, Pinot Noir (50%) and Gamay (50%) and 2 terroirs. The Hautes-Côtes de Nuits terroir brings minerality, this refreshing limestone touch. Plain Gamay brings a drinkable roundness and an interesting density.

Entirely matured in barrels without new wood, this cuvée surprises with its aromatic richness and its power while remaining greedy and accessible. A real wine for friends!

Wine pairing and aging

Optimal holding time  : 1 to 6 years.

Food/wine pairing  : Poultry with porcini mushrooms, Acorn-fed ham, Côte de Boeuf with fleur de sel.

Iconoclaste rouge NEUTRE.jpg

This cuvée comes from several plots spread over the Côte d'Or. The different terroirs are all clay-limestone, with relatively deep soils, which brings substance and a certain gluttony to this cuvée.

The plots are conducted in Organic Agriculture. They are plowed during the season to avoid competition from grass, then left grassed throughout the winter to allow the soil to regenerate and live.

At the tasting, this cuvée represents the very essence of Pinot Noir Bourguignon. On the red fruits, this wine also expresses the small fresh vegetal touch of blackcurrant fruit. On the palate, the tannins are moderate and the crunchiness of the fruit dominates.

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 0 to 5 years

Food and wine pairing  : Snack with friends, Charcuterie.


Located on cooler soils, at higher altitude, but benefiting from beautiful eastern or southern exposures, the Hautes Côtes de Nuits appellation produces gourmet, full red wines with a beautiful characteristic minerality.

This wine comes from selected plots, grown in large vines (2 to 3 meters between rows), with controlled grass cover which helps to control vigor and erosion. With a slightly later maturity, it is harvested in the last moments of the harvest. Geologically, the plot rests on a relatively hard limestone slab dating from the Jurassic, on which alluvium and hillside scree have formed a shallow soil.

With a low proportion of new wood, this wine is still crunchy, on the fruit, with a nice moderately tannic structure but a nice minerality. Red fruits dominate. Currant, raspberry but also a touch of floral which gives an open, pleasant nose. The palate is supple, the tannins are moderate. The finish is slightly chalky.

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 1 to 6 years

Food and wine pairing  : Snack with friends, Charcuterie, Caramelized suckling pig.


While the Côte de Nuits Villages appellation extends over 5 villages to the south and north of Nuits Saint Georges (Corgoloin, Comblanchien and Prissey, then Brochon and Fixin), the plot selected is located solely in the commune of Comblanchien. On this parcel “Aux Montagnes” the soil is stony, well drained, on a limestone layer of the Pliocene. The hillside is steep and the exposure is optimal.

This vine is conducted in Organic Agriculture. The soil is maintained by row plowing. In this little-known appellation within the Côte de Nuits, the wines are silky, with a structure “  Coast of Nights  assertive but with more supple tannins than the neighboring Nuiton. The wine is sunny, ripe with beautiful aromas of black fruits. On the palate, the tannins are supple, the aromas of jammy fruit combine with a light woodiness and a floral touch that sustains the length. A nice acidity balances this generous mouth.

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 2 to 8 years

Food and wine pairing  : Orloff veal, roasted Bresse chicken, aged Cantal.

IMG_0551 ter.jpg

In Nuits-Saint-Georges, the terroirs are very different depending on whether you are north or south of the city. The parcel "  Les Argillats” is located in the northern part, just at the exit of the large combe which emerges from the Hautes-Côtes. The soils are very stony limestone brown, with a fine silty-clayey texture on limestone scree, resting on Bajocian Ostrea acuminata marl. This mixture of loamy soils from the combe and scree from the immediately adjacent Premiers Crus gives a terroir where the wines are silky, velvety, in short, often against a caricatural Nuits-Saint-Georges massif and limestone.

The vines are plowed and managed according to Terra Vitis specifications. Vinification takes place in stainless steel vats, for 3 weeks with a pre-fermentation maceration of around 7 days. The aging is done in recent but not new barrels.

Raised without new oak, this Nuits-Saint-Georges presents aromas of ripe, black fruit, such as blueberry, but also great complexity where white pepper, sweet spices and a floral touch mingle. The palate is ample, silky and juicy. The tannins are melted but the "Nights" character is there and the aging potential is still significant.

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 3 to 10 years

Food and wine pairing  : Black Angus rib of beef, Roasted duckling with honey, Matured Comté cheese.


The Gevrey-Chambertin appellation is characterized by its dense, elegant, deep wines with powerful but not aggressive tannins. Here the grapes come from a plot at the bottom of the slope, "La Croix des champs", on Jurassic limestone soil covered with marl-limestone colluvium from the valley of Lavaux. These deep but gravelly soils give wines with a lot of body.

Since 2019, this plot has been certified in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture. No synthetic input is therefore used, the soil is worked to limit grass growth and plant decoctions and preparations are used as complements to copper/sulfur treatments.

Our Gevrey-Chambertin is representative of its terroir. Full, expressive on the nose, its mouth is dense but accessible. The balance in the mouth and a nice acidity give it a good length. The wine expresses a nice bouquet of sweet spices, ripe red fruits and refreshing floral notes. The material is present but subtle.

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 3 to 10 years

Food and wine pairing  : Duck breast, Leg of venison with cranberries, Epoisses.

GC neutre.jpg

Little known because it is small in size, the Premier Cru “  The Chaboeufs  "is a direct neighbor of the big ones"  Saint Georges  " and "  Vaucrains  ". Located on a small recess facing further south, it produces silky wines, reserved but with exceptional finesse and finish. The soils are calcareous brown, light reddish brown in color, very stony, with a fine clay-silt fraction.

The vines are between 30 and 70 years old. They are plowed, no herbicide, no synthetic pesticides.


Raised without new barrels, this Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru is initially reserved. Then on opening, the aromas of ripe red fruits and white pepper develop, as well as notes of dried flowers. The palate is long, elegant and shows great concentration. The tannins are silky and the finish crisp.

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 5 to 15 years

Food and wine pairing  : Roasted woodcock, Beef bourguignon, Duck with cherries, Cîteaux cheese.


Located in the town of Aloxe-Corton, this cuvée is the top of the range. The climate "Les Renardes" is the climate that affects the town of Ladoix-Serrigny, framed by the famous «  Bressandes  " and "  Clos du Roi  ". Enjoying a magnificent south-east exposure, located on a gentler slope, this climate is based on clay-limestone soil dating from the Jurassic, moderately deep, stony, marked by large-layered clays. It always ripens well and only infrequently suffers from rot.   

This 50-year-old vine is plowed and cultivated without herbicides or synthetic pesticides.

It is the most distinguished and the most personal of the crus of the mountain of Corton. An aging capacity that places it among the most stainless wines of Burgundy. Wild and smoky, it is dense and requires a bit of time before indulging. Intense aromas of cherry with spicy notes. This fabulous wine is very fruity in its youth and becomes very complex after a decade of maturity. It will bring you a unique experience with a feeling of powerful sensitivity that will stay in your mouth long after the last sip.

Wine pairing and aging

On-call time  optimal: 6 to 20 years

Food and wine pairing  : Hare stew, Stuffed pheasant, Poularde à la Souvarov, Epoisses, Soumaintrain.

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